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Thank you to Mr Shiv Patel .I applied for the first time in October 2022. In February 2023 .I received a letter of approval. In March 2023 it was finalized and I received my first payments. Thank you for always answering my questions and concerns. Mr Patel is the best.
Mr. Patel is an excellent lawyer, and, more importantly, he genuinely cares about his clients and their well-being, rather than just processing cases. Would highly recommend!
My one good fortune was to be represented by Shivam Patel. Shiv has an excellent understanding of all phases and aspects of SSD law. Exceptional attorney.
Mr. Patel was professional, courteous, and did everything in his power, going above and beyond what was expected. I highly recommend his services.
Mr Patel, is absolutely the most professional, knowledgeable, pleasant and effective attorney I have had the pleasure of speaking with. His kind manner and extensive subject matter expertise were invaluable to us throughout our interactions with Mr Patel.
Shivam Patel is very professional and patient. I am very appreciative of his work, and he made sure I knew everything I needed to be informed of. Thank you for helping me out with disability services, it truly means a lot.
Mr.S Patel is a true professional. he is reliable hard working, and knowledgeable in his profession. He returns your phone calls in a timely matter. I would highly recommend Mr. Patel to anyone.
He’s such great person have too much enthusiasm towards his work he assist us very certainly not only this also work very passionately for our case.
Mr. Patel was great and very attentive with my case and always made time to answer my questions and concerns, I recommend the Law firm of Shivam Patel PC for your SSI or SSDI case. A+++++++++++
My experience with the Law Office of Shivam Patel was awesome. Mr Patel was very attentive with my case. Anytime I needed clarification I could call him and if he wasn't available he would call me right back. He also explained in details any questions I needed to be answered and I felt very comfortable asking him any questions I wasn't clear about. He was very professional and courteous. I would recommend the Law Firm of Shivam Patel to anyone needing help in filing for SSD
Shivam Patel approaches his job with a great Deal of professionalism. He takes his time Explaining terms, options or situations that Would benefit his clients. His calm demeanor Made me feel completely comfortable. He is A person you can trust and allow to do things In your best interest. I would absolutely Recommend him to anyone in need of an Attorney.
My experience with Shivam Patel was outstanding. He was very knowledgeable and helpful answering all questions and concerns. He took the time to explain things in detail and always returned phone calls promptly. I would highly recommend using his services.
I had the fortunate luck to have Mr. Shivam Patel represent me for my disability application. Previously, I've worked with two other offices. In comparison to Mr. Patel, they seemed distant and unfriendly. My conference levels were lowered when there was a lack of communication and representation. My anxiety levels grew when I needed to find someone who could understand my situation. And that is when I met Mr. Patel. Not only was the outcome successful, but it was also swift, and more than I expected.
I was interviewed by MR. Patel and he ask the proper questions to understand about your injury or sickness. MR PATEL explained to me the process of social security and the paperwork. He told me to be patient and must people get rejected the first time and not to be disappointed. His office will answer any question you might have, and they are very professional. Thanks to Mr. patel and his firm, I won my case.
Mr Shivam Patel has represented me, and I can say that I was one hundred percent satisfied with his work. This gentleman is very respectful, and easy to talk to. I would Definitely recommend anyone to conduct business with his firm.
I must say that working with Shiv on my SSDI case was absolutely seamless and pleasant. Shiv has an innate ability to put one at ease when navigating such important and potentially life changing matters. He was thorough, available, personable, communicative and polite to no end. He answered all my questions, gave me confidence, followed through every time, and left me feeling secure that we would succeed in our claim. I very highly recommend Shivam Patel for your claims in kind. He will give you himself and the best team of people for your interests and that is a comforting feeling in handling such critical moments in your disrupted life. A+
Patel, was a lawyer who was attentive, hardworking, listened, understood, supported and was very responsive. Patel’s ability to decipher and work diligently in the background to win my case is someone I would recommend to family, colleagues and friends. Patel, has the ability to deliver results and I am grateful to him and his team for their hard work and dedication. Not enough words to explain how blessed I am to have found this firm and what they have done to turn my life around for the better! The expertise the professionalism the downright respect and concern for you these people are doing what they do because they genuinely care! Thank you THE LAW OFFICE OF SHIVAM PATEL for giving me my life back by winning my disability case!
I don't usually give reviews but I would like to let you know that Mr. Patel, PC is an excellent professional. Mr. Patel was very attentive every time I reached out to him. Rest assure that he will reply to your calls the same day or the day after if he's caught up with work. He always cleared my doubts and answered all my questions. He walked me through every step of my case making feel confident and at peace. I would definitely recommend Mr. Patel to anyone of my family members and close friends and anyone who need the best of the best. Thank you Mr. Patel
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